3 Kasım 2011 Perşembe

Bardak altlığı yapımı

Bardak altlığı yapımı Kullanmadıınız rengarek düğmeler var ise bu düğmelerden birbirinden şık bardak altlıkları yapa bilirsiniz.Yapıise aşagıda anlatılmakta .

When I was in Austin earlier this month, I spied this button bag at Tesoros. I have seen it before and had always been curious about how much patience it must take to sew all of those buttons together. And so, when Michaela told me it was button month, I knew it was time to put myself to the test. I thought I'd start small, with a coaster—and I'm glad I did! The purchase price of that bag can't begin to cover the labor that must have gone into making it. This is not a hard project—you're essentially using one stitch over and over to connect the buttons—but it is not for the impatient crafter (which, many times, is me!). Although part of me was wondering when I'd be done sewing these tiny buttons together and whether I was nuts for attempting this with such tiny buttons, the other part of me really enjoyed the meditative quality of this project and the prettiness of the finished coaster. It's colorful yet simple, and since there are so many connected threads, it's also incredibly fun to flex the shape of the coaster. If you plan to make a whole set, or something bigger than a coaster, though, be sure to take plenty of breaks.